Buy Plan

NOTE: that each category of plans apply to both audio/video contents also. Your audio/video contents must meet a satisfactory standard before being published in this platform – needing no editing from us, except when you will need certain services available here before proceeding to publish for sales.

Do you have contents that members of the public can download for free? Then we will help you publish it for free too. However, the general public will have to part with N1 (One Naira) to download any free contents from us.

Contact us here.


  • To renew any of the categories above will cost a sum of N10,500 (Ten Thousand Five Hundred Naira).
  • When we apply coupons on available products, authors’ and/or content owners’ royalties are not affected.
  • Author can change publishing plan, only, when stock sales is completed for his/her product. In other words, author can alternate between available plans at the time of contract renewal, by choosing a plan different from what he or she has been using – subject to an agreement between us and authors/content owners.
  • Authors/Content owners may use their finished products (already up for sales) in platforms other than ours – by themselves. Involving us to do this attracts charges.
  • You are advised to follow due diligence on all services being applied for – to avoid unnecessary delay of rendering.
  • We may postpone payment to authors for maximum 15 days for royalties to reach maturity.
  • Royalties are payable to authors in Cheque or Direct Bank Transfer.
  • Authors/Content Owners may choose any plan even if their manuscripts would not attain the max pages in a higher plan.
  • Individuals/Organisations publishing free contents can, only, publish maximum of three contents in a year.
  • For those who may have published their books into print but would like to publish same as eBooks, please, contact us here.
  • We can also help you to convert audio/video contents into eBooks. Contact us here to initiate this service.