Another Chance at LOVE

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Dele glanced at his watch.

“This is the fourth time I’ll be doing this.” He thought.

He has been restless since he got up from bed that morning. Sometimes, he would work into late hours – as a result of which he would stay back in the office, and for convenience, he had bought a daybed and kept it in the office.

He paced around his office in amazement and briefly closed his eyes to thank God for all He has done for him.

“What will she look like now?” He thought.


Three years was a long time!

“Why am I feeling like this?” He asked.

“I don’t love her any more… do I? What does she have to tell me?” He agitated.



Mabel woke up at day break. She looked at the bedside clock, it was 7:00 am. She has had a dream about Dele, but she felt somehow about the dream.

“Why would I be dreaming about him?” She asked.

She stood up and went into the bathroom to wash her face in preparation for morning prayers. She knelt before her bed, sang a song of praise.

“Holy Spirit help me…” She prayed.

“I can’t do it on on my own, I still love him.

“Although, he has hurt me so much but I’ve forgiven him already. Let your will be done.” She concluded.


Just then, her phone rang. She looked at the screen.

“Oh my God! It’s Dele…” She said with mixed feelings.

“What do I say. Should I pick this call?” She pondered, and summoned courage to pick the call.

“Good morning.” She greeted.

“Good morning, hmmm… I… sorry.” Dele stammered on the phone.

“Let me do this again…



Mabel got to the church in time for the choir rehearsals. She was the music director. She packed her car towards the entrance of the church, picked up her son and walked into the church.

“Sister Mabel.” Someone called and she looked back.

“Oh Tina! How are you doing?” She asked.


It was 8:00 pm when Mabel got home with Ayo. The Rehearsals had taken a longer time than expected and she was tired to the marrow. She quickly prepared noodles for Ayo to eat, bathed and took him to bed after a while, when he had eaten. After Ayo had slept off, she tiptoed out of the room and went into the living room to put a call through to her parents – it has been a while she heard from them.

“Hello daddy.” She spoke into the phone.

“Hello dear.” Her father, Mr. Banjoko, said from the other end.

“How are you and Mum doing? I miss you so much.” She said.

“We are doing fine. When are you coming around?” Her father asked.

“It’s been long we saw our grandson.” He said.

“Don’t worry dad! We’ll call soon.” She replied.

“I just called to inform you and Mum about something.

“Where is she by the way?” She asked.

“Your mother went for a program.” He replied.

“She should be driving back home as we speak.

“Whatever we discuss, I’ll let her know when she comes.” He concluded.

“Okay Sir. Dele and I met on Monday.” She revealed.

“Dele! Which of the Deles are you talking about?” He asked.

Mabel laughed softly and answered her father’s question.

“Ayodele’s father.” She said.



In the church, on Sunday, after the service, Dele gazed at his wristwatch the third time. He sat at the secretary’s office, waiting for the visitor in the Pastor’s office to come out so that he could go in to see him.

The service that day was awesome and that was one of the reasons he wanted to see his Pastor. During the service, the Pastor’s message was on the topic, ‘it’s never too late’ and, all through the service, Dele could not help but to think about Mabel and his son.

Could he ever win them back?


“Pastor, I was really blessed today.” Dele answered.

“The topic you preached on really gave me hope. I don’t know if I could mend and settle things between my ex-wife and I.” He revealed.

“There’s nothing that God cannot do.” Pastor Simeon said, assuredly.

“I’ve been thinking about my wife and son.” Dele opened up.

“She doesn’t want to listen to me.

“I know that I’ve hurt her so much. Yet, I found out that I’m still in love with her.

“Pastor… I never believed that Mabel could do such a thing without telling me. She kept her pregnancy from me and my family.” He concluded.

“What would you have done if you had known?” Pastor Simeon asked, frankly.

“I wouldn’t have agreed to the divorce Sir.” Dele answered.



Mabel was full of thoughts as they drove to her house. It was just about five blocks away from Nike’s home.

How could things turn out this way?

She could not believe that the nightmare was almost over. She did not feel like talking to him (on the way), she, only, felt like speaking with her spiritual father, perhaps, he would explain some things to her.


“Hmmm…” She sighed.

She watched him parked the car, picked up their son and was walking down to her side. She rubbed her right palm on her son’s head, and gave him a peck on the nose as she collected him from his father.

“This is where I live.” She said.

“I might not be able to come in now.” Dele replied.

“I want you to go and think about  this.

“I don’t want to force you. Baby, please pray about us.

“And thank you so much for giving us another chance.” He concluded.

“It’s okay.” Mabel replied.

“I’ll definitely call you, I’ve to go now.” He said.

Mabel watched him has he opened the gate and entered his car. A lot of thoughts were going through her head.

“Why didn’t he come in?” She asked herself.



“Get married!?” She thundered.

“Yes, to get married!” Dele said, looking into her eyes.

“Or don’t you want to get married to me?” He asked.

“Of… of course, I do.” Mabel stammered.

“Let’s sit down.” Dele suggested, as he took her back to the couch.

“Our parents will understand our Decision.” Dele said.

“It’s more about us than them.” He said.

He watched her face, indeed she was startled.

Was he rushing things?


“Okay.” She said, admittedly.

He looked at her face, he knew that he should not kiss her but he needed to taste her lips; he placed his lips on her soft sweet lips and felt at home.

He missed that feeling.

At first, he was teasing her lips with his’, and suddenly, he poured all his feelings into the kiss: when he started craving for more, he stopped and lifted his head to look into her eyes.

“I love you.” He said, assuredly.



Mabel sat on the bed, tired. She decided to call her parents. It was some minutes past 6:00 in the evening: she had agreed with Dele that she should talk to her parents about the recent development, so that both (herself and Dele) would be able to meet Mabel’s parents for discussions.

The phone rings…


“Are you sure of this?” Her mother asked.

“I know that we cannot make decisions for you. Yet, you’ll have to come home.

“Dele is a good Man. Even, after your divorce,  he didn’t stop getting in touch with your father and I” She said.

“Really!” Mabel exclaimed, with excitement.

“You never told me about this Mum.” She queried.

“We didn’t say much to him.” Her mother replied.


Just then, her phone rang and she picked it up. It was Dele – calling her number.

“Hello Dee.” She greeted him.

“How are you baby?” Dele asked.

“I’m fine, just finished talking with my Mum.” She said.

“I’m to go and visit them this weekend.

“Ill be dropping Ayo with them for some days too.” She hinted.

“Okay, that’s no problem. What did she say about us?” Dele asked.

“I don’t think she has any problem with us getting back together.” She replied.


“Oh my God!” Mabel screamed.

She could not control herself, as a love song was been played. The lights came back on and every one in the restaurant stood up. Dele went on his kneel and took her hands.

“Mabel, you are my love, my future, my testimony…” Dele said.

“My special miracle, the mother of my children, my everything.

“I love you more each day, I love your eyes, your nose, your ears…

“I love everything about you. Baby I want you to be mine over and over again.



Mabel rested her head, backward, on the seat. She had asked Dele to recline the seat for her so that she could be more comfortable: she needed to ease herself from all the shocks of the evening – too much for her to comprehend.

She did not expect all those surprises. Before they left the restaurant, people snapped their pictures and she was sure that her pictures would be on social media – the following day.


“Baby look at me.” Dele demanded.

He held her face and placed a butterfly kiss on her nose.

“I don’t know what’s wrong.” He said, with much concerns.


She looked up as Dele came inside.

“Are you feeling better?” He asked.

He had decided to sleep over. She closed her eyes with the assurance that he was right beside her.


Mabel could not believe her eyes.

Oh Lord… Dele has just been full of surprises since last night. Now it’s a car.

As she walked around the car, she shook her head in wonder.

“I’ve a car and a big one at that.” She told Dele.

“Yes I know, but a jeep is different from a car.” He noted.

“This is your proposal gift.

“A wedding gift is still coming.” He said, laughing.

Mabel turned away from the car and ran into his arms.

“I love you, I love you so much.” She declared.


Dele stared at his wife’s face. They rented a whole house for the two weeks stay (in Hawai). He sat her down and they prayed. After prayers, he held her waist and pushed her to the bathroom door to clean up and change her clothes.

“About the wedding gift I promised you. Do you like it?” He asked her.

“What’s that. I didn’t receive any gift.” She replied, softly.

“The gift is standing right in front of you.” Dele whispered.

“Naughty you…” Mabel said, shyly, and went inside to take a shower.

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