Media Communication – CREATIVE WRITING

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This material will enable its readers to be able to: write books: fiction, non-fiction, prose, drama, essays; be able to write articles of all categories; and also understand rules of grammar.

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Everyone that writes has, in one way or the other, practiced Creative Writing. The only difference between a good writer and the bad writer is the ability to deploy ‘the knowledge of Creative Writing’ to construct any good works of art.

Picking a biro and a book to commence writing may be fearsome, not only for a novice but (also) for a professional writer. It is fearsome for a novice mostly, because, he or she does not really know what it takes, and fearsome for a professional due to the dynamism of language – being the vehicle that conveys creative work of art to the readers.

However, once you are able to put your pen to paper (overcoming fear), you have scaled through the major hurdle on your way to being creative in writing.

Creative Writing is so interesting that one can make it a hubby: you only need to know the features of it; know the various aspects of it, like: poem, drama, prose, essay or other types of writing that require one to analyse, report and educate readers about what one had experienced.

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