When the Work of Darkness is Destroyed

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Written with the mindset of a liberator, this book, when the work of darkness is destroyed, seeks to enlighten its readers on the possibility of personal deliverance from satanic kingdom and demonic forces who operate through various voices to militate against man’s quest for freedom, success and liberation.

The book will open your eyes to the mystery of the operations of the kingdom of darkness; it will give you the guideline and strategies to discover strange voices as well as show you how to overcome demonic voices.

Much of the information compounded in this book will be relevant for ages to come, thus, it is a must have for anyone who wishes to live in absolute freedom, a life void of manipulative forces that cause delays in any facets of life.


About the Author

Pastor Oluwaseyi Olamilekan is a Rugged Revivalist under the Ministry of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM) Worldwide; a Drama Evangelist, ordained Deliverance Pastor, Writer and Son of Prophet to Dr. D. K. Olukoya and Prophet M. O. Olowere.

He is currently one of the Deliverance Pastors in Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries’ Prayer City in Ogun State, Nigeria.

He is also the coordinator of Sort Out Ministry Prayer City. To the Glory of God, Pastor Oluwaseyi is happily married to his friend, Mrs. Oluwadolapo Olamilekan.

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